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This online professional development series is created to offer practical tips and legal guidance on the challenges facing today’s education leaders. The workshops are created to provide seasoned and aspiring administrators with current guidelines and best practices on a range of topics. The convenience of online delivery allows access to the workshops anywhere, anytime — when specific information is needed or when professional development fits an administrator’s demanding schedule. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools and resources to assist every FUSD administrator in becoming a skillful, thoughtful, fair and equitable leader. Each workshop is complemented with a QuickQuiz to provide participants with an opportunity to apply information.

Fresno Unified School District HR Department developed this video series in partnership with the Fresno County Office of Education and Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost legal experts. These videos will be housed on the FUSD HR website.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Labor Relations Page

HR.Online Videos and PowerPoints

Selection Process (21 Minutes)

In this video you will learn pertinent information regarding the Selection Process and the role of the Hiring Manager. It is important that the Selection Process is fair and equitable, and completed in a timely manner. 
Selection Process Video

Mandated Reporting

In this video you will learn pertinent information regarding mandated reporting. 

Mandated Reporting Video on Staff Site (For staff only)
Mandated Reporting Requirements Brochure (PDF)

Conducting Investigations (30 Minutes)

In this video you will learn when and how to conduct an “adequate” investigation. Thoughtful and timely investigations into employee concerns can help protect the District from time consuming and potentially costly legal action, thus focusing our resources on student achievement. Prompt attention to an employee-expressed concern helps to demonstrate that you are a strong, respectful and responsive manager. 
Conducting Investigations Video
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Conduction Investigations PowerPoint

Contract Management (23 Minutes)

Familiarizing yourself with the various employee contracts can help District managers build strong relationships with the employee groups. Awareness and understanding of contract principles and timelines will help ensure that you can honor and observe these agreements as you manage employee matters, including grievances. 
Contract Management PowerPoint

Discrimination (27 Minutes)

Gain understanding of the essential role that all managers have in creating respectful, collegial and professional work environments. We also highlight the need for a consistent commitment to tolerance and respect for all people, opinions and points of view. 
Discrimination Video
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Discrimination PowerPoint

Leaves (30 Minutes)

Reviewing and approving or denying employee’s leave requests is a common challenge for District managers. To assist FUSD managers in facilitating prompt and sound decisions regarding employee requests for time, this video clarifies key employee leave rights and the clearly outlined process for evaluating these requests. Additionally, it provides steps for ensuring a smooth transition so the organization can continue to operate smoothly in spite of personnel shifts and changes. 
Leaves Video
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Leaves PowerPoint

Educational Competencies

Developed in 2006, Educational Competencies are a resource to all for assisting and supporting growth and development. These Competencies provide the attributes, behaviors, areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful job performance in education. 
Educational Competencies on Microsoft Website

Supervision and Evaluation Resources

A Practical Guide To Effective Performance Documentation Guidebook

A Practical Guide to Effective Performance Documentation Guidebook is designed to serve as a tool for leaders to deepen their knowledge and understanding of certificated employee due process through a practical method. This reference guide includes the required elements for legally sufficient documentation to support the improvement and/or release of certificated staff. 
Practical Guide to Effective Performance Documentation Guidebook (PDF)

Supervision And Evaluation – Module I: Investing In Excellence

Supervision and Evaluation recognizes the performance of outstanding employees. It enhances and improves performance through communication that is direct, clear, honest, immediate, frequent, and evidence based. Module 1 is designed to support all leaders in this important work, and provides both the legal framework, as well as best practices and expectations for all leaders. 
Supervision and Evaluation Module 1 PowerPoint

Supervision And Evaluation – Module II: When Employees Need Improvement Or Re Not Meeting Standards

Although the vast majority of District employees are competent, hardworking, caring professionals, occasionally performance deficiencies and misconduct arise. Module II provides the legal framework and best practices for supporting and building capacity when an employee is in need of improvement or not meeting standards. Module II provides practical pointers for communicating through green, rose, and red conversations, and how conferences change when supporting the employee who is not meeting standards or needs improvement. 
Supervision and Evaluation Module 2 PowerPoint

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