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GeneralWhat are the business hours for the Payroll Office?The Payroll Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am. To 4:45 p.m.
GeneralMy paycheck went to the wrong address.What do I do?First, make sure you have updated your new address with the Human Resources Department. It will then take two (2) days or up to two (2) weeks for your check to come back to Payroll from the Post office. Contact the Payroll office to request a stop payment and reissue of your check. Payroll gives the Post Office five (5) business days to return your check before they can do a stop payment and reissue another check. Contact Payroll at 559-457-3514 for assistance.
GeneralAre employees paid for holidays?Classified employees are paid for holidays. Certificated and management employees receive days off.
GeneralIf I am a part-time employee, do I still get paid for jury duty?Yes, you need to sign a waiver from the courthouse for wages because you will be paid your normal wages from Fresno Unified School District. You get to keep your mileage pay. If you get paid by the court, you will need to give the check to Payroll. Report your time on the negative timesheet when you’re serving on jury duty. This does not reduce your time it keeps a record of time served.
GeneralWho do I contact if I need a copy of my W-2?Contact Payroll at 457-3514 for assistance.
GeneralI moved and did not get my W-2?First, make sure you have updated your new address with the Human Resources Department. You can contact Payroll at 457-3514 for assistance.
GeneralIf I am a substitute, do I get my check at a school site or by mail?Substitute employees will have their checks mailed to their home unless they have signed up for direct deposit.
GeneralWhat do I receive if I get perfect attendance?You will receive a day or one and a half days to be used in the current fiscal year. This perfect attendance day does not carryover.
GeneralWhen will the report on perfect attendance go out?The perfect attendance report is scheduled to go out September of each school year.
GeneralHow do I file a claim for American Fidelity Disability?Pick up a form from Payroll or visit the website at
American Fidelity Disability Insurance
  • Plan Highlights
  • Claim Form (Routine Pregnancy)
  • Claim Form (all other)
  • Copay Reimbursement Form
GeneralI am applying for a loan.How do I get employment verification?Fresno Unified uses a third party vendor for employment/salary verifications. Visit the Employment Verification page for more info.
Direct DepositIf I am signed up for direct deposit, will all checks be direct deposit?Yes, if you are signed up for Direct Deposit the end of the month and 10th payroll will be deposited into your directed bank.
Direct DepositHow do I start/stop direct deposit?Download the Direct Deposit Form

To start a direct deposit, complete a direct deposit form and submit to Human Resources with a canceled check.
To cancel a direct deposit, fill out a direct deposit form with bank information of the account to be canceled and write “CANCEL” on the form and submit to Human Resources.
Direct DepositWhere do I find the direct deposit form on the website?On the Human Resources website, click Forms, then Forms A-Z, scroll down to Direct Deposit Form.
Direct DepositWhen does direct deposit go into effect?Submit the direct deposit form to Human Resources by the 15th of the month to take effect for the current pay period.

Note: The first payroll period this agreement is in effect, a regular (paper) payroll check will be issued to their employee at their work location. During the second month this agreement is in effect a payroll stub or remittance advice will be issued.

The net pay (or amount) of the check will be deposited into the account and available to the employee the morning of the pay date.
Direct DepositI changed my direct deposit once and want to change it again. Will it take an additional two months to finally go direct deposit?Yes, it will have to go through a pre-note process, which will delay direct deposit for another one month. Contact Payroll at 457-3514 for more information.
Direct DepositI am retiring and need the District Office to complete a retirement form from STRS or PERS.Who fills this information out?Call payroll at 457-3514 and make an appointment to ensure there is adequate time to complete the form.
Deduction/TaxesI want to change my tax deductions. Will it take effect this pay period?Tax deduction needs to be turned in by the 15th of the month to affect the next month.
Deduction/TaxesWhom do I speak with about Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) 403(b)?Go to

Click on Retirement Information
Deduction/TaxesI need help completing the W-4 or DE4 form.Fresno Unified is not authorized to tell employees how to complete this form. We can give you examples but the employees must decide on the final information to be entered on their own.
Deduction/TaxesI received a notice for garnishment, what do I do?Payroll is required to send you notification that your wages have been garnished by an outside agency. For further information, contact the garnishing agency listed on the form.
Deduction/TaxesI have been released from my garnishment.When will this take effect?A release from garnishment has to be received by the 15th of the month by the garnishing agency.
Deduction/TaxesWhat is my pay before taxes?Your paycheck stub contains a section called “Total Gross”.
Deduction/TaxesWhy are my taxes high when I am paid on the 10th?The 10th payroll will add your wages received in the prior month and the current payroll and apply taxes based on a month payroll.
Wages/CompensationHow many paychecks will I get if I am a traditional employee?Some classified employees can opt to receive 11 checks, August – June. All other groups receive 12 checks.
Wages/CompensationI was not paid for my overtime or extra time on my last check.When will I get paid?Extra time and overtime are paid on the 10th of the month. Please check with your office manager that time was submitted to the payroll office. If time was submitted timely, please contact the payroll office.
Wages/CompensationI do not see my vacation or sick time posted on Employee Self Service that my office manager submitted.Who should I talk to?Payroll posts all vacation and sick leave at the end of the month for time submitted by the 15th. If you have a question, please contact payroll at 457-3514.
GeneralI did not receive a paycheck, whom should I contact?Please contact the payroll office at 457-3514.
GeneralMy paycheck is incorrect, whom should I contact?Please contact the payroll office at 457-3514.
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