Students sitting in a circle in a classroom, listening to their teacher

Fresno Unified helped raise me, my brothers and sisters; I’ve grown up here.

Karen Walker 
Fresno Unified Employee

Welcome to the FUSD family.
Management or Leaders have the opportunity to make a big impact by stewarding and collaborating with others to fulfill the vision of Fresno Unified: preparing career-ready graduates. Not only do leaders make a difference the lives of employees through innovative thinking and commitment to excellence, but change the lives of students through the management of staff.

The unique talent and contributions of every FUSD employee adds to our diversity, and ultimately to FUSD’s core belief and commitment.

Work in education is meaningful and shapes the future of our community. Working at FUSD is not just a job, it’s a chance to support the youth of Fresno. You will be part of a team responsible for creating and maintaining an environment that ensures teachers can teach and students can thrive. Welcome aboard.

Excellence is at the core of Fresno Unified, and that’s why we offer outstanding career advancement and professional growth opportunities. Together all employees work towards the overarching goal of preparing career-ready graduates.

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