A teacher leads a group of young schoolchildren through learning about some body parts.

I love working around people, 
and I meet all kinds of people. I love my job.

Joyce Moultrie 
Fresno Unified Employee

Welcome to the FUSD family.
An integral part of the public education system is the classified or non-teacher employees that create, maintain, and promote a positive learning environment. Fresno Unified’s classified or non-teaching staff is the backbone of the school district, working behind the scenes to ensure that the total focus is on positive, healthy learning experiences.

Working in any aspect of education is meaningful and shapes the future of our community. It’s not just a job it’s a chance to support the youth of Fresno. You are now part of a team responsible for creating and maintaining an environment that ensures teachers can teach and students can thrive. We are glad you are here.

Excellence is at the core of Fresno Unified, and that’s why we offer outstanding career advancement and professional growth opportunities. Together all employees work towards the overarching goal of preparing career-ready graduates.

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